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What is TextJoiner?

TextJoiner (TJ) is a system that allows users to interactively query and perform joins on facts expressed in Wikipedia using text patterns like
"cities such as $x".


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Query TJ Format

Query TJ Format
Nobel Prize Winners $x , [Nobel_Prize] winner
Mayors of US Cities $x in the [United_States] AND cities such as $x AND $x mayor $y
Discredited Theories $x theory AND discredited $x
Discredited Theories and their authors $x theory AND discredited $x AND $y 's $x
Actors who have acted as villains actors such as $x OR actor $x AND villain $y AND $x as $y
Cities and their countries cities such as $x AND countries such as $y AND $x , $y OR $x in $y
Cities and their states cities such as $x AND states such as $y AND $x , $y OR $x in $y
Mayors of cities cities such as $x OR $x and other cities OR cities including $x AND $x mayor $y
Company products companies such as $x AND $x developed $y OR $y produced by $x OR $y developed by $x
CEO of companies companies such as $x OR company $x AND $x [CEO] $y OR $y , [CEO] of $x
Country capitals countries such as $x AND $x capital $y
Countries invasion countries such as $x AND $x invaded $y OR $y was invaded by $x
Official language of countries countries such as $x AND $x official language $y
Drummers drummer $x AND $y drummer $x OR $x of the $y
Drummers who are also singers drummer $x AND singer $x
Game designers and games game designer $x AND $x 's $y
List of musicals musicals such as $x
NBA stars and their teams nba star $x AND $x of the $y OR $x team $y
Novel and authors novel $x AND $y wrote $x
Scientists and their discoveries scientist $x AND $x discovered $y
Superheroes superheroes such as $x OR marvel characters such as $x OR DC characters such as $x
List of theorems theorem $x
Academy award winner [Academy Award] winner $x
City-state-country cities such as $x AND states such as $y AND $x , $y , $z